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                    click and drag game

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I love all the click and drag games on Tumblr and after I read an article about diversity in YA books, I wanted to make a click and drag “game” myself. (i think this was the article, but i’m not sure, sorry)

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24th Writing Prompt - Take your most kick-arse female character. Now make her feel like someone has spilt paint-remover in her stomach and her insides are swelling and pressing into her spine so she can’t walk straight. Because unfortunately, doesn’t matter who you are, all women have that time of the month.

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20th Writing Prompt - Think of one of your favourite TV series/ Movies/ Cartoons/ Books from childhood. Now place your character in that universe. Don’t include any of the cannon characters, just focus on the surroundings. How does your character’s life change? Have they gone from a magical world to one full of science? Are they in the wizarding world? Have they been dropped into a Ninja school?

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19th Prompt - A mysterious illness is sweeping its way through your characters. On the edge of a deathly epidemic, only one of your characters seems unaffected, and it’s up to him/her to find the cure, or put a stop to whatever’s causing this. Question is, are they really immune, or is the sickness going to slowly start getting to them too?

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17th Writing Prompt - You’re lying in your bed in the middle of the night, sleeping peacefully when a sudden sound from downstairs wakes and alerts you to someone else in the house. Going down to explore you discover a semi-naked man rummaging through your fridge desperately. He appears to be injured beneath make-shift bandages, is tired and hungry, and has no memory of who he is, where he came from, or why he has been chased for the past six miles by two men armed with guns.
Only one person can answer these questions - you.

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16th Writing Prompt - Take one of your main characters, one who you feel paticularly close to or familiar with. Write a short extract exploring how different their life would be if your character was born the opposite gender.
Look at your story from the beginning. How did your character’s sex affect their life? Does it change anything? Does the swap of hormones mean your character is more likely to lose their head, or maintain their cool? Does the era they exists it mean there was prejudice against once sex and more liberty for another? What difference does that make for your character?

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15th Writing Prompt – Pick two of your characters who are on the same side, but ultimately don’t get on…Now strand them in an old chalet halfway up a mountain, snowed in and unable to escape until help arrives. They need each other to survive, but in this dire moment will they overcome their differences and confide in one another? Will unlikely feelings spark? Or will the help team arrive to one survivor and a murdered corpse?

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14th Writing Prompt - Your character is staying three nights at an allegidly haunted hotel, but is it the ghosts they have to worry about or the other guests? Strange Mrs Croody in room 1 with her creepy tales of murders in the forest, Bible Bashing Peter Bishop in room 3 who sees the devil in every corner, or the mysterious occupant of room 5, only ever heard moving in and out of the room in the dead of night…

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