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Missing my Boyfriend

I have several friends, Hamish in particular, who have to suffer the sadness of having their boy-friends literally contenents away, which is why I feel a little bit selfish when I complain that I miss mine.

Sean is in the same country as me, in-fact he’s just a train ride away. But he’s doing his Masters, and when he’s not passionately and religiously focusing on his work he’s going out of his way to help other people, get as much preperations done as possible and spending time at his placement. And my own schedual isn’t so kind either - even though I’ve finished my exams and my course, I have yet concerts, rehearsals, open days, and other music commitments to think of.

I haven’t seen him since the end of February and, again I know in retrospect people go weeks and weeks without seeing their other half - my own mother included - but that doesn’t stop the fact that even though I am unbelievably lucky to have him so close, it’s also unbelievably frustrating to have the means to see the man I love, but not the ability. He’s so close, but I doubt I’ll get a chance to see him until the end of the month and it’s driving me a little bonkers.

He’s my boy-friend, but I’ve not even spent a solid week with him, even though we’ve been dating for four months now. When I see him it tends to be only for one night…

Gah, I’m just ranting now. I suppose I just miss him, and I wish the both of us were more free. Still - take courage Madeleine! You’ve got a better deal than most, and while Skype has it’s limitations, it’s enough to talk to him. 

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