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Before you defend Chris Brown, let alone support him, read the police report of what happened between him and Rihanna in 2009.


As a martial artist I learn in detail about the weakness of the human body, where to strike, how to hurt, the damage caused - I listen to every detail, from how a punch might crack the ribs, and the next one then force them to puncture the lungs, to how the science of snapping a man’s neck works. I listen with a level head, and even write about such atrocities.

But I couldn’t finish reading this. I feel sick to my stomach when I think of how people defend this man. His actions were barbaric, and he has been allowed to believe that he was justified, that this behaviour is ok. It’s not ok, and not just because it’s a man hitting a woman, but because it is a human being beating another human being. It is one person preying on the weaknesses of another and physically harming and traumatising them for no good reason - even threatening death!

No person is worth suffering this pain for and no person deserves to be treated this way. And if you are one of the people who say ‘I’d let him hit me’ - you are a selfish bitch, because you are the kind of people who feed the culture that shrugs off domestic abuse, and justifies the treatment of thousands of women and men who suffer because their partners and society think it’s alright to treat them in this way.

If Chris Brown wasn’t ‘handsome’ and all he had to merit him was his ‘music’ (notice my use of inverted commas) and he treated anyone in the way he did Rihanna, there would be an up cry of anger! But his ‘good-looks’ apparently grant him the liberty of behaving in this way - good-looking people are permitted to beat their partners, and are even encouraged to by the hysterical masses who count Rihanna lucky and ask why she complained at all?

Why she fucking complained? Nothing excuses the way she was treated - and I’m not saying that because I’m a Rihanna fan, I’m saying this because under no accounts should domestic violence ever be shrugged-off.

And to all those stupid girls and boys out there who are ‘wow-ing’ Chris Brown and saying ‘Hit me! Hit me!’ go onto the internet, type in domestic abuse victims into the Google search engine, and then look at those beaten faces. Are any of them fucking smiling? Do any of them have a trace of happiness, or contentment in their faces? You should fucking think about what you are saying before you open your mouths and piss on all of those people, and all of the others who are suffering today, because you have no idea of the kind of hell they live in. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

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