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Writing Transgender Characters - Advice please?

Hi, so I’m an author and I am currently writing two nonbinary characters and I wanted to get in touch with some people from the community to make sure I am doing this right. 

Character A)

The first was assigned the gender of female at birth, but then grew pretending to be a male (This is a pretty important part of a couple of plot lines, so can’t be changed.). When it is discovered that he is has female genitalia however, he is given the choice to be able to give up the ‘disguise and be a women again of his own free volition. Initially, when plotting, I was going to have him decide to be a woman, but when it got to the time the character had developed so much and I realised that it wasn’t just about a ‘disguise’ any more, the character identified and clearly was male. It was in his attitude, and the way he enjoyed expressing himself and whilst having to ‘disguise’ himself as a boy when he was younger certainly gave him a comfortable environment to be able to realise that was how he wished to express himself, I am worried that people are going to misinterpret it…I know that transgender people are born the way they are, and I am under no misconception that it’s a case that he’s only transgender because he had to pretend his whole life…

But what do you guys think? Would it be better for me not to have the character as transgender, as if might give people the wrong impression about what being transgender means and that it’s ‘optional’? And it might seem cheep?

Or should I keep the character as transgender, because regardless of my initial plan and upbringing that’s just what he turned out to be and I don’t want to change him?

Character B)

I have a gender-fluid asexual character here. Identifies as both a boy and a girl intermittently, and is in a long-lasting relationship with a bisexual woman. 

She spends most of her time being woman however, which was also the sex she was assigned at birth. 

Do you think it would be better for me to have given her male genitalia so that people understand the character really is transgender, and not merely ‘acting out’ or just ‘likes to pretend’ every now and again?’

I write alot of homosexual and Bi characters, being bi myself, and I want to see more transgender characters in literature. But I want to get them right - 

What do you guys think? 

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