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Pictures like the one above give women (in this case) a very innacurate image of what beauty is, and for that reason I have always liked the Dove campaign which helps to promote a more healthy outlook on what beauty is. Regardless, some of the backlash this has caused can be equally unpleasant in the opposite direction, and huge prejudice can be placed on skinny women in return. People say they’re not ‘real women’, call them ‘skinny bitches’ based not on their characters, but on their size alone.

I think that natural is beautiful. Some people are just thin, and I’m not going to go and say that that’s ugly just because I am personally double their size 6 and probably weigh more than three put together. That would be just the same as being racists, fearing and hating those who are different to you, either out of jealousy, anger or by not understanding. The plain fact of the matter is, some skinny girls are gorgeous, and some are not. But most of the time that’s not because of their size. The most beautiful quality a woman can have is to have pride in her body and to live healthy. So that whether your waist is the width of my head, or you are possessed of good child-bearing hips like me, it doesn’t actually matter. Beauty comes in all sizes, and it isn’t defined by skin colour, size or creed.

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